First Minutes Matter program

Community trauma training

Cost: FREE

First Minutes Matter is a free safety education program utilising LifeFlight's decades of aeromedical experience. Delivered as in-person workshops or a self-paced online program, First Minutes Matter will equip you with practical skills for time-critical medical situations while professional help is on the way. What you'll learn could save a life or improve patient outcomes.

*This program is not accredited. However, you will learn from LifeFlight's experienced training team.

Choose how you want to learn:

First Minutes Matter

Learn online

In-person workshops

Surat Workshop
18/04/2024 9:30 am

Surat Shire Hall, 24 Cordelia St, Surat QLD 4417

Toowoomba Workshop
22/04/2024 9:30 am

LifeFlight Toowoomba Base, 180 McDougall St, Wilsonton QLD 4350

Highfields Workshop
23/04/2024 9:30 am

Highfields Cultural Centre, Sean McCarthy Wy, Highfields QLD 4352

Millmerran Workshop
30/04/2024 9:30 am

Millmerran Community and Cultural Centre, 47 Walpole St, Millmerran QLD 4357

Stanthorpe Workshop
01/05/2024 9:30 am

15 Hilton St, Stanthorpe QLD 4380

Oakey Workshop
09/05/2024 9:30 am

64 Campbell St, Oakey QLD 4401

Goondiwindi Workshop
27/05/2024 9:30 am

Gateway To Training, 15-21 Russell St, Goondiwindi QLD 4390

If your town isn't listed in the workshops above, submit an expression of interest for us to visit your town!

LifeFlight has saved 81,000+ lives since 1979. We want to share our lifesaving knowledge.

Learn how to:

  • Describe types of burns and how to treat them
  • Understand causes of bleeding in trauma and control bleeding
  • Assess and treat snake bits and immobilise the limb
  • Help a choking child and adult
  • Recognise a seizure and how to assist
  • Perform CPR and be aware of Automated External Defribulators
  • Learn about helpful equipment to keep on hand

Why do the training?

Patient outcomes are dramatically improved by actions taken in the first minutes after a trauma incident before emergency crews arrive. You can make a difference.

"We were out on a Sunday afternoon ride. Another group of riders have come around the corner. So we've hit head-on... I was unconscious for about 15 minutes. I have four little kids at home. They wouldn’t have a mum today if it wasn’t for the quick thinking of others and LifeFlight." - Tiffany Thomson, South West Resident

Have minutes made a difference in your life? Share your story.